Live Casinos vs Offline Casinos

Online Casinos are the next big thing in the gambling industry. They are growing at a very fast rate and is becoming a second option for gamblers. But many believe that these online gaming platforms are fraudulent and should be shut down as fast as possible. They prefer land based casinos to enjoy the full experience of a casino. This is a detailed study of which platform is better and what should the gamblers go for.

pros of online casinos:

No more waiting:

This is the best reason that one should prefer online casinos to offline casinos. Online casinos can be played from anywhere in the world, anytime or for how much time the player wants to play. While on land based casinos one has to wait till the casinos open. It may happen that the game you are good in is out of service. But this possibility is eliminated if you go online. The only necessary condition is that the player must have an online account with a minimum balance in it.


Gambling is not considered as a “noble game” in many countries. But in online casinos the player’s privacy is respected at all costs and will not be leaked to anyone. This allows one to gambling to their heart’s content.

No minimum limit:

Unlike in the conventional casinos, online casinos have no minimum bet to enter into a game. With a few bucks, one can join and play any game he or she wants. Famous games like poker and roulette can be played with a very less bet.

pros of offline casinos:

The experience cannot be given:

The real thrill and adrenaline rush can only be felt in a conventional casino. The actual experience of a going to a casino, meeting new people and more cannot be given by an online casino. For those who are extrovert and love meeting new people, they surely should go to a live casino.

Money is protected:

When compared to online casinos, live casinos will give you 100% safety of your cash. This is because there are many bodies that steadily monitor the cash flow of a casino. Another aspect is that the players can get their wins encashed directly at the counter. However in online casinos the time taken for the profits to transfer in one’s account is uncertain. Sometimes, it can turn into a tedious process.


The balls are in court of online casinos. They offer each and every game that a live casino can. The chances of winning are much higher in an online casinos. If one just wants to focus on winning and increasing their profits they should definitely stick to offline casinos. Anyways a person can always win enough online and then visit a live casino and decide for themselves.

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